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Our scanning services offer you many options for backing up your documents. Whether you want to do it yourself internally, have us scan your documents at your location.


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If paperwork is threatening to run you out of your home or office, we want to provide you with a safe and secure way to store your documents simply and affordably.


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When you let us handle your shredding needs, not only do you save time and money but you have the added assurance that you documents are being handled in the most secure .



Protect yourself, protect your business and protect your clients. Use secure paper shredding & document storage service. Call TNT Shredding in Phoenix, AZ today.

Secure and compliant corporate shredding. Think about how many sensitive documents your company handles. There are your bids, your financial records and meeting minutes that may divulge your future plans. There is customer information, which may be quite detailed. There are your employees’ records, your payroll records, your checkbook and so much more. Some is paper; some is on a hard drive; some is on CD’s or jump drives. Now think about protecting it. You can see how much you need a reliable document destruction company. TNT is it. TNT can shred paper, media, CDs, computer drives and, something you may not have thought of, copier drives. They offer complete protection for you with paper shredding and document destruction in Phoenix, AZ.

At-home, residential shredding. How simple and how secure! TNT Shredding comes to your home with a commercial shredder. You watch your papers be loaded into the shredder. When the truck pulls away, you know that your private papers have been destroyed. They’re in pieces so small that they can fit through a screen. You protect all those past tax documents, all the financial records that you no longer needed, all the things that could have been used for identity theft when you call TNT Shredding.

Document storage. It’s a dilemma. Your business – or your home – has more paper than you can manage. They are important papers that you need to keep for tax purposes or other financial and personal reasons, but you’re file drawers are full and overflowing. What do you do? For secure document storage, call TNT. They have a safe, secure facility and the cost will be lower than renting your own storage area. You can be sure that your important papers and safe and secure with the bonus of having empty file drawers again.

Document scanning. TNT Shredding, Phoenix, has another answer for overflowing papers – they can scan them for you so that all your information is easy to access without taking up much space. It’s a good idea to keep copies of important papers – marriage licenses, adoption papers, wills and health directives – on a computer where you can get to them when you need them. TNT offers two ways to accomplish this. You can come in an use their professional scanning equipment to do the job yourself and get it done quickly. Or, you can have TNT do it for you. Once the documents are scanned think about storing the media with TNT so you know your documents are completely secure.

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