5 Good Reasons for Taking Care of Business by Shredding Responsibly

Shredding ResponsiblyYou own a business or you’re one of the key decisions makers. Here are 5 reasons that taking shredding seriously and why doing it responsibility is good for you and your business.

1. Peace of Mind. If you have a process to handle sensitive documents – from meeting minutes that contain financial or future plans to customer information, shredding takes the worry out of it getting into the wrong hands. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee who would love to share your plans with a competitor or an identity thief who compromises your customer information, these are big problems. You can avoid them with a good process to protect information and responsible shredding.

2. Compliance. Your business may be governed by national, state or local governments that dictate how sensitive information should be destroyed. It may even regulate the size of the shreds. You don’t want a fine or the bad publicity when you don’t follow these regulations – like when medical records that fell under HIPPA requirements turned up in a local dump instead of being destroyed. Being responsible about shredding will mean staying in compliance with all regulations.

4. Trustworthiness. Your customers count on you. When they come into your office or business, they are putting their trust in you and your business. It doesn’t take a huge data breach to destroy that trust – one stolen identity can have devastating consequences. Keep yourself, your employees and your clients and customers safe with responsible shredding of private information.

5. The Environment. When you shred, you’re taking care of trash – in your home, in your office and, if you recycle, in the landfills. The average household throws away 13,000 individual pieces of paper each year. An office tosses out 21 million tons of paper each year. Shredding at home or at the office means more space in files or magazine baskets. At the office, it means even more – less time looking for documents and better efficiency. Plus, when you shred and recycle, that landfill is going to be around much longer to meet the needs of your community.

Satisfaction. You want to be a good citizen and you want your company to be known as a good corporate citizen. When you shred responsibly, you can feel secure and proud that you did the right thing!

You don’t have to go it alone. One of the best ways to insure the safety of your sensitive documents and compliance with any regulations is the hire an onsite shredding company. That’s on-your-site shredding! They will provide you with locked bins which are an important part of keeping sensitive documents safe. They don’t sit on desks or in a stack next to the shredder. When an employee is done with a document, they just drop them into the bin. Easy! And, when the company arrives, they don’t carry those bins away. They put the contents directly into the shredder on the truck under your watchful eye. Everything is shredded – and that shredding can meet the strictest regulations. When the documents leave your business, they are shredded, mixed with the other shredded paper in the truck and like Humpty Dumpty can’t be put back together again. Choose an onsite shredding company like the one in Phoenix, AZ that offers full service – shredding, secure document storage for the paper you need to keep and high-speed scanning so you can keep a digital file and shred the paper!

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