5 Ways to Organize Your Small Business

Ways to Organize Your Small Business

You’ve been meaning to get around to it. You want to make your office more organized and more efficient. But, here it is the beginning of the 2nd quarter and you haven’t quite gotten around to doing it. Tax time is over and that makes it a great time to get more organized. Here are 5 tips.

1. Talk to an Expert. You’ve probably used an accounting firm or CPA to prepare your taxes. Go back. Make another appointment and discuss the future. Have you done everything needed to protect your personal assets. Could you gain benefits from forming an LLC or corporation? Review your business plan and see if the structure is the best for the future of your company.

2. Clear Out the Office. Do you have a stash of outdated or broken electronics stashed in a closet? Donate them. Is your email box full? Delete and organize. Ditto for your answering machine. Use the rule for cleaning closets – if you have something that you haven’t used in the past year, toss it. It’s easy to put things aside thinking you might need them, but if you haven’t found that need, it’s time to clean up!

3. Put Risk Management Procedures in Place. Business identity theft is on the rise. Make sure that you have a process on how to handle the documents in your business that contain sensitive information about the business, you, your employees or your customers and clients. You want to provide secure storage and when the documents are no longer needed you want to make sure that they are destroyed. Know if you have to follow any specific government regulations such as the requirements of HIPAA in destroying the documents. Be prepared to follow them.

4. Take Care of your Internet Site and Social Media. Your presence on the internet is an important part of doing business. Potential customers and clients are likely to check your internet site and ratings when they are choosing to do business with your company. Social media allows you to interact with your current and future customers. Make sure that you are using these important tools to your best advantage with updates, postings and, even, blogs. If you need help, talk to a search engine management company.

5. Organize your Paperwork. It’s a fact. Employees spend over 4 hours a week searching for needed papers. Go through those file drawers. The IRS will accept electronic copies of receipts and that’s much easier. Get rid of paper you no longer need. Consider scanning documents that you may need in the future, but don’t use frequently. Create computer files to store them and unclutter the file drawers. Saving employees’ time is saving money — get organized.

If you need some help in getting organized, see that CPA or accounting firm. Then, consider talking to an on-site shredding company. They offer full services that will solve many of your paper problems. They have high speed scanners that you can use or you can have them scan for you. They have secure storage for documents you can’t destroy but are just taking up space. Then, they catalog them so you can get what you need with just a phone call. Secure, locked bins will be provided to keep documents safe before shredding and the shredding will be done onsite, before your eyes. It’s security that may pay for itself by protecting your and your business’s identity.

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