Document Storage

Document Storage


Storage, Scanning and Hard Drive Destruction

Paper, paper and more paper…with the constant threat of identity theft and fraudulent use of information stolen from businesses, how you handle paper is an important decision. You want to keep yourself, your customers and your business safe. You may already use TNT Shredding to destroy sensitive documents you no longer need, but what do you do with the paper you need to both keep and keep private? You do exactly what you do when you need document destruction; you call TNT Shredding to stay safe and secure.

DOCUMENT STORAGE. A one-man business such as a lawyer’s office may produce up to 100 file boxes of records each year. And, those files may need to be kept for 7 years. That’s a lot of file boxes and a lot of trouble. You may need to get to information in one of those boxes, but where do you start? If you’ve rented a storage facility to keep them, they’re probably stacked up to 10 boxes high and they’re probably gathered a good coating of dust.

Call TNT Shredding and solve your paper problems. TNT Shredding will store all your sensitive documents securely – and make it easy for you to access the information you need. TNT Shredding’s storage includes:

Your documents are stored in an air conditioned facility;
The storage area and your documents are protected by both alarms and video surveillance, and,
There is scheduled, monthly pest control of the storage facility.

TNT makes document storage easy. At a cost of only about 40% per month, your sensitive documents are completely safe and secure, constantly monitored by a video camera and protected by an alarm system. You can store them for as long as you like and you can arrange for them to be automatically destroyed with TNT Shredding’s secure document destruction on the date you specify. TNT Shredding can even pull information you need from a stored box, scan and send it to you. You get what you need and never have to leave your office! TNT Shredding document storage answers all your problems and keeps all your sensitive documents secure!

Storage, Scanning and Hard Drive Destruction

Document Scanning


Scanning documents is an easy way to store information with easy access and a safe way to store information you may need. Files drawers filed with sensitive documents are not necessarily secure. They may be able to be accessed by many different employees But – and it’s a big but – scanning is time consuming and you want the data to be scanned so that it can be easily searched. TNT Shredding has the answer.

TNT does the time consuming stuff—remove all the staples and paperclips and manually label each individual file according to your company’s system;

TNT can scan in their secure location or at your location;

TNT’s high speed scanners can scan from 60 to 100 pages per minute so your information is scanned quickly and securely;

Each document can be made searchable so that you can quickly search a document or multiple documents for information you need. This is an optional service for clients who know they will need to access information in the scanned documents;

Your documents can be delivered to you on a thumb drive for you to store or upload to your own server, or,

You can choose to have your documents stored on TNT Shredding’s secure cloud for an affordable storage fee.

TNT Shredding can scan your documents quickly and securely. Don’t waste an employee’s valuable work hours with this time-intensive task. You choose where to have your files scanned – at our secure facility or on-site at your location. You choose what to do with the files after they are scanned. They can be returned to your company for you to upload to your network or digital storage – or TNT will store them on their secure cloud. Turn those mountains of paper into accessible computer data and stay safe with the help of TNT Shredding.


You’ve removed your sensitive files from a hard drive, but they still may be accessed as information doesn’t completely leave that drive. TNT to the rescue again!

TNT offers on-site hard drive destruction.

Hard drives with sensitive material should be replaced and destroyed.

TNT will work with you to establish a schedule that meets your security needs.

Remember, files can be retrieved from a hard drive even after they’ve been removed. Don’t let that happen to your most sensitive, private information; call TNT Shredding for both paper and hard drive shredding.

TNT Shredding is your locally owned company – serving the Valley and all of Arizona – with paper shredding, document destruction, document scanning, document storage and media destruction. Their services are certified and compliant. They are the company that will keep you and your company completely safe! Give them a call to discuss your needs today!

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